There’s a well touted fact that 97% of those who try to become an internet marketer FAIL.  

Me, I’m one of those who looks on the “cup half full” aspect.  So that must mean that 3% are successful and are earning money online. Right?

What is it about the Affiliate Marketing setup which means there is so much failure? (If this happened in any other industry there’s be an outcry).

  • Is it about the psyche of the potential affiliate marketer which leads to their failure?
  • Is it about the cost of getting traffic on the internet?
  • Is it about the way the vendor has set up their product and their commission structure?

Well actually it is all three.  The perfect storm (in a teacup of coffee beans).

So what is the way to become one of the 3%?  You need to eliminate each of these three hurdles. Yes it is achievable.  But most would-be affiliate marketers fail because they don’t put in the correct actions to succeed.

I’ll try to keep this blog post short, so I will just touch on in the next few paragraphs where things are going wrong, and what you need to do.  I’ve included a link to a content packed live webinar which is for those serious about improving their online success as an affiliate marketer,

The psyche of the potential affiliate marketer

 OK, you need to step back and do an honest audit on yourself.

What is your reason for wanting to succeed online? Is it strong enough for you to take the required actions.  Or do you just dabble occasionally,

Are you actually seriously working at affiliate marketing? When you switch on your computer do you have a plan of action, or are you all reaction?? I was guilty of this before I got organised.  I’d check my emails, click on unnecessary links, go onto Facebook and tell myself I was working online, when in reality I was ending up watching kitten videos.

Are you buying “shiny object” after “shiny object” but not taking action on any of them? If you are most vendors actually LOVE you. It keeps them going.   I have a confession here. A couple of years ago I bought some video software for creating videos for YouTube.  And then last year I went and bought the same software again.  How embarrassed was I??

The cost of getting traffic on the internet? 

Oh for the good old days when you could buy clicks for pennies and drive traffic to a basic affiliate product, and, with the law of averages, make a profit.   

Sadly the cost of buying traffic has gone up massively, and although being able to target your traffic is now more sophisticated, the sums just don’t add up for most front-end affiliate products.  To be successful you need to understand back-end affiliate products (which is where the profit is made, and which most vendors keep to themselves).

The way the vendor has set up their product and their commission structure? 

This is all about the sums, as mentioned in the last paragraph.  Affiliate marketing is now about the “Sales Funnel” which introduces additional products to the purchaser.   Yes you might, as an affiliate marketer, have introduced someone to a $19.97 product, and perhaps 1 in 20 bought an up-sell for $49.97 which you also received a commission on.  But what happens next??  The vendor now owns those leads, and sells a recurring income membership program, lets say $49.97 per month to some of the purchasers, and a one-off high ticket  program for $1,997.  As an affiliate do you see commissions on those?  Usually a big fat NO, and the vendor is rubbing their hands.

OK, What Can I Do About It?

Only you can change your mindset, and your desire for being a successful internet marketer. Having done that, then knowledge is power. You need to understand what is happening now in the internet marketing industry. You need to understand the Sales Funnel.  You need to understand the viable opportunities available and how to distinguish the successful products and marketers from the duds.

If you are serious about succeeding online, then I recommend the next step you take is to register for this live webinar with my mentor Dean Holland which takes place every Monday and Thursday at 6pm Eastern and 11pm UK.

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