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So you are searching for ways to earn an income online, or perhaps specifically for information about Dean Holland and the Internet Profits Certified Partner Program.  You’re in the right place.  I am a Certified Partner, and in this website I will share with you my knowledge and experience of the Internet Profits Program to enable you to make an informed decision of whether this business is a good fit for you.

Your First Step (if you are a beginner or not seeing the results you desire) is to read newly released Affiliate Marketers Playbook. This invaluable book is free (just pay for shipping)

There are many people who “try” affiliate marketing. And scarily only about 3% ever succeed. If you are considering coming into affiliate marketing (or indeed have been trying, but not seen the success you desire) then The Affiliate Marketers Playbook is an absolute MUST.

Don’t be put off that is it only 20 pages, (anyone can write 300 pages of fluff) but be grateful that is 20 pages of concise business sense explaining the current state of the affiliate marketing business and the four core areas to focus on.

And it is interactive with links to several videos.

From the information in The Affiliate Marketers Playbook, you will learn what is needed in the way of work and investment to actually make the income you desire as an affiliate today.

This information will empower you to decide whether the Affiliate Marketing Business is for you (or not) and the steps to take.”

Your Second Step – Get timely tips, tactics and updates to start and grow your online business.

Your Third Step –  Please do take a look around the site, I’m adding content all the time including guest blogs and vlogs.

Your Quick Start Short Cut – If you are ready now to consider becoming an Internet Profits Certified Partner, get full, no obligation, information HERE

If you have any questions or want any help then please do contact me.

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