The Iceberg Effect - Review

"The Iceberg Effect" by Dean Holland is a must read for anyone involved with Affiliate Marketing.  

Russell Brunson was spot-on when he stated in his Foreword to “The Iceberg Effect” “I recommend you read this book thoroughly right away, more than once even”

My copy of “The Iceberg Effect” is certainly well-thumbed, with my pencilled notes and post-it bookmarks where I refer back for information.

It can be easy to think that an Internet Marketing millionaire has always been successful but in the first couple of chapters Dean Holland tells his back-story of several years of trial and and error before he earned even a dime online.

He then gets the reader to think about their situation, their mindset, and how to take responsibility for their future. Finding your “Why” is a very powerful exercise, as is designing the life really want to lead. The results may surprise you - they did me, and it is heartening to know I am doing things for the right reasons, and the level of success I want to achieve is actually fairly moderate, and achieveable.

It is only after setting the stage and getting us to think clearly about why we want to be affiliate marketers, and what our goals are, that he introduces us to the theory and process of what is working today in affiliate marketing.  He takes us through the Four Core Areas of Focus, which are the exact things we need to concentrate on to drive results: Traffic – Capture - Follow Up - Sales System.

A key goal of the book is to shine a light on why traditional affiliate marketing no longer works like it used to for the average person starting out now.

Dean shares his belief in the next generation of affiliate marketing. The big reveal for me was “You don’t know what you don’t know” – which becomes clear as you read the later chapters.

He describes his highly successful and revolutionary approach to building a sustainable and highly profitable Internet business as an affiliate marketer in today’s economy. He covers the types of sales, and multiple income streams. Why the “Ultimate Funnel” is a superior and more profitable type of sales funnel with lead capture, customer acquisition, value maximization, recurring revenue and premium products.
Everything is clearly written and explained. If you are involved in affiliate marketing, or are considering learning what to do, this book is a great reference.

Whilst the book is free, there is an outlay of $7.96 towards shipping and handling, anywhere worldwide. Books are shipped from the USA and UK.  When you purchase you do get immediate access to the MP3 Audio version narrated by Dean Holland. Oh, and there a free online masterclass, and several additional online bonuses.

I’ll conclude my review with a further quote from Russell Brunson’s Foreword: “Affiliate marketing as a business model is a powerful and proven way for anyone to get started using the internet to grow an income, but as with everything in business, marketing and sales processes evolve over time and, as entrepreneurs, we must learn to adapt with them. What Dean lays out in this book is a clear and precise blueprint that every affiliate marketer needs to know to thrive in today’s economy in the most sustainable and profitable way.”

If you do have any questions about The Iceberg Effect, please do contact me.  

How do I get a copy of The Iceberg Effect?

If you are ready to purchase and want to go straight to the Order Form -  GO HERE - The Iceberg Effect Order Form

If you would like to see the official sales page first, including videos and testimonials - GO HERE - The Iceberg Effect Book Offer 

Why are they giving free copies, there must be a catch?

It's easier to give something away than sell it.  And Dean Holland knows that when you read The Iceberg Effect you'll get a lot of value from it and it'll help you get better results.

By giving you so much value upfront without asking for anything in return you are more likely to consider doing business with Dean Holland in the future.   The only contribution required is $7.96 towards Shipping and Handling. 

Why can't I just get a PDF instead?

This is a printed published book. PDF's get shared around online and so Dean Holland only want this information getting into the hands of those that will use it ethically to get better results.

How long will it take to get to me?

It depends where in the world you are located.  80% of customers receive their copy within 7 working days (often just a day or 2), however, as a bonus you'll get access to the audio book, so whilst you wait for your delivery you have the audio version available to listen to.   

Of course the sooner you order the sooner you will have it – Place your order here

What exactly will I learn in The Iceberg Effect book?

Everything you need to know to succeed as an affiliate online today. The game has changed, no one was talking about it.  The Iceberg Effect  exposes why few people succeed as affiliate marketers. There is a VERY specific reason people are finding things so tough and he wants them to know the truth. The book quickly cuts to the point and will show you why you're stuck, and exactly what to do about it. You'll learn his biggest secret to 4 figure DAYS online, and how to do so without any personal selling at all.

Can you tell me about the Contents?

Here's the Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 - Turning My Life Around
Chapter 2 - Success Starts Within
Chapter 3 - Finding Your Why
Chapter 4 - Life by Design
Chapter 5 - The Four Core Areas of Focus
Chapter 6 - The Death of Traditional Affiliate Marketing
Chapter 7 - The Perfect Path to 7 Figures
Chapter 8 - The Iceberg Effect
Chapter 9 - Multiple Streams of Income
Chapter 10 - The Most Powerful Word in Marketing
Chapter 11 - The Ultimate Funnel
Free Bonus Gift

Do they offer a guarantee?

I've double-checked the Guarantee with Dean Holland, and these are his exact words: 

"Well, it's already free haha... However, even your $7.96 S&H is guaranteed! That means if you don't love the book and don't immediately see after reading it how you can succeed online just let Deans team know. You can put in a support ticket and tell them you hated it if you so wish and they'll return your $7.96 no questions asked and you can keep the book, you don't even have to return it. I'm sure you won't do that as you'll love what you find, but the assurance is there if you so need it."

Ready to get your copy? Click Here

Can you remind me of the bonuses?

Sure! You get the MP3 audio book, the online masterclass and 7 days of surprises... YES! All this included with your S&H contribution

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