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Welcome.  Thanks for finding me, and having a look around my website.  I guess you are either searching for ideas for earning an online income, or perhaps you have heard about Dean Holland and Internet Profits and are doing a bit of research.

So a little bit about me – my name is Alison – I live on the south coast of UK with my husband and our Golden Retriever.

I am not a professional full time internet marketer.  I do currently have a day job, which I enjoy, and plan to continue with for a couple more years when I will retire with my pension.  But the thought of retirement got me thinking about what I wanted to do to keep the grey matter occupied, and also to bring me an additional income which I will use to treat the family and give me more choices and freedom in retired life.

I chose to invest to become a partner with Dean Holland’s Internet Profits Accelerator Program, due to Dean Holland’s ethical reputation, the quality of the training and products, and excellent support from all the team. I have passed the Certified Partner Training and already recouped that investment.

I’m enjoying learning the new skills and implementing what I am learning, which I do at my own pace, as my own boss.  I used to get distracted and buy all sorts of products I didn’t need, then get overwhelmed, then stop, then buy something else.  I’ve actually managed to curb those bad traits now and stay focused.  What got me focused was one of the modules in the training which was about understanding my “WHY”.

I know that most people just say “I want to make money online”.  But the Certified Partner training actually got me thinking about what I wanted to earn and why. What difference that amount of money would make to my life and that of my family.  I was actually surprised with the modest amount that would keep me happy. I don’t aspire to be a millionaire, but I do enjoy occasional travel, (the photo was me in Hong Kong a couple of years ago), and I have enjoyed the occasional cruise, (it’s actually the only holiday that my husband and I can agree on!)

In these uncertain times travel is on hold for now, and my priority is to ensure that we can continue to live without unnecessary financial worries in our coastal bungalow, with a reliable car, and when we’re older be able to get help with the gardening.

I’ll be adding lots more information to this site  as I share my Internet Marketing journey with you, and aim to keep you entertained and updated with what is working for me, (and what goes wrong too!)

If you have any questions, please do contact me direct by using the contact form. I’m happy to help where I can. Or I can signpost you to other helpful information.

Kind regards


Alison in Hong Kong

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