Internet Profits Accelerator - Review

I’ve been a member of Internet Profits Accelerator for several years now, and have personal knowledge and experience of what it is like to be an Internet Profits Partner.

Here are my personal thoughts about Internet Profits Accelerator, who it is for, and what it includes.

I’ve met Dean Holland on several occasions and had many helpful online conversations with him. He is very perceptive. I often think he has a crystal ball because seems to instinctively know when people are getting distracted, or trying to take short cuts when setting up their business and puts them back on the right track.

I have seen how Dean Holland has grown his business and matured as an entrepreneur, continually adding and updating the training, products, tools and support. He has built a strong and effective team around him.

(There is an old saying in the UK “like painting the Forth Road Bridge” which means as soon as you complete something you need to start going over it again. Well, it is exactly the same here. Internet Profits is never “complete” and is always being updated and added to).

And you’ll be pleased to know that Internet Profits Accelerator doesn’t have any false scarcity, or closing dates like other product launches you see online. Internet Profits is here for the long term. So, if the time is not right for you just now, make a bookmark and come back when you are ready.

 So, who is Internet Profits Accelerator for?

people like me who are serious about investing in themselves to start and grow an online business as an affiliate marketer.
people who have been trying for some time to make an income online but have not yet reached the income level they desire.
successful affiliate marketers wishing to add additional high ticket affiliate products to their income streams.

But Internet Profits is definitely NOT for people looking for a get-rich quick scheme for little or no work.  You need to have the mindset to become your own boss. and ideally be able to spare as little as one hour a day to learn and then take consistent action.

It's well known that the average person who buys "how to" information products online gets little or no results. 

Dean Holland understands that people get distracted, overwhelmed, spend hours "busy" at the computer but don’t achieve anything. They get stuck, but don't seek help, and then give up to look for another opportunity just to repeat the same mistakes. Why, because he went through the same journey himself, before achieving success. And he is now passing on his knowledge to others. 

One thing that sets Internet Profits Accelerator apart from other products, is the ongoing coaching and support. There is live group coaching several times a week, where you can ask anything, or put in a support ticket to get your question answered. There are live sessions in the Facebook group.

At the end of each month there is a Members News and Updates Call where Dean Holland updates us on what is happening in the business, and future plans.  He always over-delivers on these – for example, on the last call he announced a one day live virtual training and upskilling event for members, and then dropped the bombshell that it will be absolutely free.

Oh, and Dean Holland can dish out “tough love” to get people back on track with their business!  He positively encourages people to reach out for support where needed.

You do get access to promote Dean Holland’s excellent products as an affiliate, with high commissions achievable, but more importantly you learn how to create an affiliate business in any niche, and you learn transferable business and technical skills which could lead you to developing multiple income streams online.

Below I describe some of core training modules to give you an idea of the breadth the training. Once you have completed the Certification to become a Certified Partner, it is not a “fixed” structure and you will most likely pick and choose the modules you want to concentrate on to start and grow your business.   Why? Because having your own business is supposed to be “fun”. Don’t beat yourself up learning and implementing something you know you would absolutely hate - e.g. perhaps you don’t want to appear on video, or write a blog - when there are other ways you will enjoy to obtain results. 

These are 6 Essential Steps to Launch Your Business From Scratch

Millionaire in the Making

Here you immerse in the Certification Program to become an Internet Profits Certified Partner. This is about understanding the business model, and learning about your "whys" and your motivation.  For me it was a total re-setting of my mindset, to recover from imperfect products and training I'd frittered money away on in the past. Modules include: Introduction and Overview, The Ultimate Funnel, Understanding Traffic, Becoming Your Greatest Self, Planning to Succeed, Your Business Plan, Momentum and Leverage. And Graduation - complete a quiz to show your knowledge.

Super Affiliate Foundations

You need to lay foundations before you can start building.  This is about doing things in the right order to reach a full time affiliate income - how to get paid your commissions - about the help and support available, the tools you will need. and the steps you will need to take.

Super Affiliate Offers

Learn about the products you can promote  as an Internet Profits  Certified Partner, the commission structure,  banners, promotional emails (which you are encouraged to use as inspiration but make them your own) and affiliate links

Super Affiliate List Building 

An Introduction to List Building including Pagebuilders and Funnels. There are Lead Magnets created by Internet Profits which you can use as-is or tweak them to make them unique to you. You will learn  how to set up your web pages, lead magnet and link to your autoresponder.  The step-y-step vidoes will take you through this complicated process as a breeze.

Super Affiliate Email Follow Up

Access training, templates, swipes and resources to follow up with your email subscribers.  Clear step-by step guidance which is grea tif you are new to using an autoresponder.

Super Affiliate Tracking

Here you access training and resources to help you track your efforts so you can review and refine every month. Why and how to track your results, and how to ensure consistent progress. You are encouraged to use all the support Internet Profits offers you

Generating Traffic and Sales in Your Business

Super Affiliate Traffic Basics

Learn about the types of traffic (there is more to traffic than free and paid as you will discover)  And there is a very important lesson in"What not to do" - actually that was my biggest take-away from this whole phase!  And how to choose your traffic strategy. This is definitely time well spent. 

Super Affiliate Free Traffic

Here you access training, tips and resources to generate free traffic online. This training is constantly updating for current ways of success, but includes - blogging - tik tok, forums, fb messenger , Youtube and much more.  Personally I love free traffic and it is my main source of commissons,

Super Affiliate Paid Traffic

Like it says on the tin, this section guides you through how to earn leads and sales through paid traffic. This is a very complex area where if you don't understand how it works you can lose money very quickly.  But if you are able to master an area of paid traffic (one is enough to learn properly) then you can plan your advertising strategy with confidence.

Phase 3 - 
 Continual Development, Super Affiliate Growth Development and Honing Your Money Making Skills

Your Future

The first 2 Phases will keep you fully occupied  for quite a while.  Rest assured that there is further quality training and more opportunities  for you to follow.  Some are by guest experts and available to you for free in your members area.   This phase is constantly evolving.  Nothiing stands still at Internet Profits.

 Does Everyone Get Accepted to Join Internet Profits Accelerator and become a Certified Partner?

Actually no. And there is a good reason for this. The last thing Dean Holland and InternetProfits want to do is to take money off someone who is not motivated, and is not going to bother to put in the time to learn how to start and grow their online business. The phone call you have with InternetProfits after you apply will help decide whether you are a "good fit" for the training and mentorship. It is also your opportunity to ask questions. There is absolutely no "hard sell". You are only accepted if it is mutually agreeable and you have the mindset to take action, and to ask for help should you get stuck.

Is Dean Holland's Internet Profits Accelerator Program Suitable for Beginners?

Absolutely. The training in the members area takes someone from minimal online knowledge - after all you have enough to find this page 🙂 to all the technical knowledge required. There are multiple videos for you to follow along to. The teaching style is easy to follow. And of course you have the option to join frequent live mentoring Zoom chats if you get stuck, or you can send in a question beforehand and catch the recording if you are not available to attend live.

How Much is Dean Holland's Internet Profits Program?

There is a one-off investment of $4,997.**

- This gives you lifetime access to all the training - which is always being updated.

- This gives you lifetime access to promote all the current and future affiliate products.

- This gives you lifetime access to the live mentoring,

If this is something you would like to find out more about then complete a short no-obligation application form and book a phone call with one of the team. I assure you there is no sales pressure on this call - which I was glad about when I joined - instead it is about mutually finding out whether this is a good fit or not for your aspirations. If Dean feels that it is not right for you he will explain why.

**There is also an option which includes 6 months coaching for a lower investment.  If this suits your current circumstances then do discuss it on the call,

Why is Mentoring so important, and how does it work?

Dean Holland didn't make a penny in his first 4 years of trying to earn an online income. It was only after taking a mentor that he started to see success. A mentor moves you forward and also holds you accountable,

A sad fact of internet marketing is that many people give up on a strategy, then quickly try (buy) another one, only to give up on that, then blame the product.

The quality of the recorded training in the Internet Profits members area is excellent and comprehensive. This is complemented by access to live mentoring which you can access if you ever have a question, or need a bit of help. And don't be embarrassed about asking for help You don't have to try and work it all out for yourself. Dean told me the other day that he would much rather people reached out to the team - several times a day if need be - so they can solve their problem. If they don't know you are having an issue they cannot help, and of course it is in the interests of Dean, his team, and Internet Profits that you succeed.

There are no ongoing costs for the mentoring, it is all included - for LIFE - in your one time payment. The group mentoring is by Zoom Call. You do not need to attend live if it is not convenient, as you can send a question in advance and it will be covered on the call which is then recorded and saved in the members area.

There is also a support desk you can submit questions to.

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