Internet Profits Accelerator Review

Who is the Internet Profits Accelerator For?

Internet Profits Accelerator is for people who are serious about investing in themselves and starting and growing an online business in Affiliate Marketing.  

It is definitely NOT for people looking for a get-rich quick scheme for little or no work.  You won't find that here (or I suspect anywhere else).

It is for you if you have the mindset to become your own boss and can spare as little as one hour a day to learn and then implement.  

You may have already been trying to earn online, perhaps with no or limited success so far, and that is absolutely fine. In fact these are probably the people Dean Holland understands the best, as he was in that position himself about 15 years ago. 

He understands people who get distracted, overwhelmed, who spend hours "busy" at the computer but not achieving anything, who get stuck, but don't seek help, and who then give up then look for another opportunity just to repeat the same mistakes.   

If any of this sounds like you, then I recommend you consider applying to join Internet Profits Accelerator and become a Certified Partner. 

When I talk to people who have joined Internet Profits Accelerator, or who are at the stage of doing their research and due diligence, I have found that, like me when I joined, they "know" if this is the right move for them at the time.   

The Ethos of InternetProfits.

To quote Dean Holland: 

"The InternetProfits™ Mission Is To Help Everyday People Create Their Dream Lives By Building Profitable Online Businesses.  

We Help People Build Profitable Businesses So They Can Make The Money They Need To Create Security, Stability And Complete Freedom For Themselves, Their Loved Ones And Those They Wish To Support.

We Do This By Providing The Very Best Training, Tools And Support Needed To Achieve Success In Business And Life."  

What do you actually get?

When you join Internet Profits Accelerator you are provided with the very best Training, Tools and Support you need to achieve success.

The intial  Training is split into Three Phases.

PHASE ONE: Fast Track Business Set Up - Super Affiliate Launchpad - 6 Steps to Launch your Business from Scratch (see below)




Live coaching is several times a week.  It is always recorded and available to all if you cannot attend live. .  There is an active, supportive, private Facebook group.  

Your "back office" has all the resources and tools for you  to promote and monitor you affiliate products.  Here you create your affiliate links, and view your results.  It is powered by "Keap" which was previously known as Infusionsoft and is a reliable platform.  I always create individual link tracks for each affiliatee link, so I can monitor the success ( or otherwise)  of them.

The payouts are accurately done, and always on time (15th of the month - or sometimes earleir if a weekend).    Payout is after a 30 day period, to allow for the refund period ( which any quality product owner would give ). 

Step 1 -  Millionaire in the Making - Internet Profits Partner Certification

One of the things that sets Internet Profits apart from other products you may find online is the holistic approach to starting your business.  This 35 video section, with accompanying knowledge checkers / tests firstly explains how affiliate marketing actually works today, and the Internet Profits business model.  Then it introduces you to understanding online traffic. The following two modules really get you thinking about yourself, your fears and your motiviations.  These were the most valuable to me. It felt like I was peeling away layers to things buried deep in my subconscious and I really did learn a lot about myself and WHY this was for me.   The remaining sections take you through business planning, and how to use momentum and leverage to grow your business.   The certification will motivate you to move on with newly found knowledge and positivity.  

Step 2 - Super Affiliate Foundations

Before anything can be built upon, you need to lay your foundations.  

The next videos take you through the stepping stones you need to do to reach a full time income online in manageable stages.  Again explained clearly and in full detail. Some ah-ha moments for me there.

A very important stage is to set up your account so you can be paid your affiliate commissions.

Then you are taken through the coaching / mentoring / accountability offers included in your purchase.  Where Internet Profits excels is you have access to live group coaching FIVE days a week - and for life.  When I spoke to Dean recently he told me he would much rather someone reached out and used this facility as much as they needed, than stay silent and stuck.   You can reach out to as often as is needed and get your answer quickly so you can proceed.   And if you can't attend live, you can put in a support ticket with your question and it will be answered on the next call.  As all call recordings are put in your members area you can access them at any time.  As there are Internet Profits Partners around the globe in many time zones this is a great asset.

The tools you will need are explained next.  Within Internet Profits you have all the high quality products and offers, training, promotional resources, coaching, mentoring and support.  However there are a few essential tools you will need to provide to run your business. These should not be conidered a 'cost' but rather an 'investment' to help you yield the best results.

The items you are likely to need (depending on how you decide to structure your business) are - domain name - page builder - autoresponder - hosting.  If you already have any of these, and are happy with your provider, it is recommmended you stay with them.  Otherwise there are low-cost recomendations for you as you progress your training.

Step 3 - Super Affiliate Offers

Here you access the library of products you can promote for commissions as a Certified Partner.  The products, funnels and commission structure are explained.  There are also promotional banners and email sequences you can use or take inspiration from to create your own. 

For me, the best thing about the commission structure is that when you sell a product to a customer, that person is your customer fo life, and if they make any future purchases you will automatically be credited with the commission.  As Dean always follows up with customers and provides them lots of value you can quite often find your customer purchasing more items later down the line.  

One customer who bought one of the "free plus shipping" books - where I received a nominal commission of $1, went on to purchase a further item over a year later for which I received a $1,000 commission - with no additional work from myself.  That's when I fully understood the power of the Funnels and the follow up.

Step 4 - Super Affiliate List Building

Next you have the training, templates, and resources to create and deploy your own list-building system. The videos here take this complex process and break it down into understandable sections for you to follow along with.  This is the type of learning I understand ... I watch the videos through to get an overview and understanding, then go back over each video, pausing as I take the action.  There is no 'one size fits all' here and several options are fully explained allowing you to chose the method that suits you best for your business.  All the technical  processes are fully covered, although of course there is the daily live support if you do get stuck.  

As for Lead Magnets - the item of value you give away in return for someone's email address - there are several that have been created by Internet Profits that you can use or adapt to build your list.  By the end of this section you will have the knowledge and skills to set up your own mini-funnel, giving away your lead magnet.  People can request your free lead magnet and subscribe to your email list. 

Step 5 - Super Affiliate Email Follow Up

Here you learn how to communicate and follow up with the people who have joined your email list.   There are offers and email follow up sequences you can select from and a wealth of experience shared on the correct way to nurture your 'list' to know, like and trust you and build a positive relationship with them. You learn to automate follow up emails to include relevant offers enabling you to earn multiple streams of income.

Step 6 - Super Affiliate Tracking

Here you access training and resources to help you track your efforts so you can review and refine them. It is important to track what is going on in your business so you can understand what is working and what is not in your chosen strategy.  Your tracking sheet, completed with daily statistics about what is happening in your business is a valuable tool.  Each month you have the opportunity to attend your live Results Review and Refining session where your discuss your strategy and results, and you receive personalised feedback as to what to adjust and adapt if necessary. In this way, provided you take action, you should see consistent progress.  

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