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Dean Holland discovered Affiliate Marketing in 2004 while moving through several low paying day jobs.  It took him over 4 years of trial and error, and amassing almost $60k of debt, before, at the age of 24,  he made a life-changing decision to use his last line of credit to seek the help of a Mentor and join his Coaching Program. 

Five weeks later he made his first affiliate commission (so that is over 4 years and 5 weeks since trying to do so!) Yet just 9 months later he was able to quit his day job and become a full time internet marketer.  

I'd like to say it was complete success from that time on.  But that is not quite the case.  He did have immediate success with an information product teaching others what he had learned, and massive success in a joint venture with a membership site with serious recurring income, but he made mistakes along the way, taking his foot off the pedal of what worked, and getting distracted, and the golden egg of the membership site drifted away.  

When this went wrong it was another big learning curve for Dean Holland which drove him forward to the success he sees today.  

He founded his company Internet Profits in 2010 as a "Training, Coaching and Education Company, to help everyday people to start and grow a profitable business online.

He is married to Robyn, who herself quit an oppressive sales job a couple of years ago to follow her dream of an ecommerce business.   

While many Internet Marketers choose to work from home, with low overheads, Dean Holland had a vision for the future of his business and a few years ago took a 10 year lease on his premises at Internet Profits HQ in Nottingham UK, with training rooms, and video production suite.  

Whilst with Covid-19 some plans were delayed, Dean Holland has adapted his business plan as many more people are now more familiar with online working, and many more are looking to start their own online businesses.  The March 2022 3 day Partners event has just been held virtually with attendees having  a value packed learning and networking event moving all our businesses forward.

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