Think about it.  Nobody’s forcing us to have an online business.  It’s something we choose to do.  If you were in a job and didn’t enjoy it you have the option to find another job.

So what do you do if you are getting overwhelm and negative feelings about your online business…..  You need to stop a moment. Take a step back. Remind yourself that this is your choice

Most people don’t want to hear that it is “hard work” and takes an investment to have a successful online business.  Many people are stuck, continually buying the next shiny object which promises income for little or no work.  Others just have overwhelm because they don’t have a plan, and don’t understand what is needed to succeed.

Sound familiar?

Then there’s the worry about the shockwaves currently going through the internet marketing industry.

Today’s video from Dean Holland has already been dubbed his “Video of 2018”.

This video is very relevant to you if you have, are trying to have, or are considering an online business. It puts everything into perspective.  And watching it actually lifted a bit of a weight off my shoulders.  If you take on board just one nugget of the information or advice here it could make a real difference to your future path and success.  Take a look….