I admit it.  I have a comfort zone.  When I log on to the computer, sometimes I just like to learn and review things.  The daft thing is, with all the training and support I have received from Dean Holland and Internet Profits, I know what I am supposed to do.  But sometimes I can be my worst own enemy.  I get my notebook out, and record bullet points of the training, and the date too, and number the pages. Sometimes I put colour coded post it notes on so I can refer back, and then I stop and don’t take any action.  Does that sound familiar? Can you relate to that?

If I was to go to a support group I would have to introduce myself by “I am an affiliate marketer and sometimes I am guilty of inaction”

OK I know what you are thinking.  You are writing a blog post right now, so you are taking action right??  Yes, but probably not frequently enough.  I sometimes need to force myself to do what I really want to do.

I was speaking to my mentor Dean Holland recently about this exact thing.  As you know his book “The Iceberg Effect” dissects the current state of the affiliate marketing industry, and provides a proven blueprint for success.

He recently carried out a survey of people who purchased his book, “The Iceberg Effect” and the results actually bore out this phenomenon.  Everyone loved the book, and understood the message.  Some took action, some become Internet Profits Partners.  But many moved on to find “shiny objects” and others did nothing to start an online business. Interestingly he included a freetext box on the survey and this revealed the most important information.  People were struggling with taking action.

I fully understand that to become an Internet Profits Partner (an investment of $1,997) might not be right for everyone at this time.

This is why Dean Holland has created the Quick Start Challenge 

This is a complete beginner friendly challenge with weekly live implementation calls for coaching and support for participants through to completion.

There as a 6 day “challenge” which contains the core training, resources and action steps.

Participants will receive 6 weekly live implementation and support calls,  ***Dean is currently doubling this to 12 weeks as a bonus!***

Here’s what the course covers:

Day 1:  Laying the Foundations for Success

Day 2: Deploying Your List Building Engine

Day 3: Automated Sales System

Day 4: Multiple Streams of Income

Day 5: Turning on the The Traffic Tap

Day 6: The Master Plan: Zero to $3,000 a Month

This is what you get:

  • The Quick Start Challenge: – Start Your Ready To Profit Affiliate Empire in the next 7 Days! ($497 Value)
  • Done For You “Triple Tier List Building System” ($297 Value)
  • Done For You Lead Magnet to Build Your Own email List with ($197 Value)
  • Top Secret $100 a Day Affiliate Offer For You To Swipe and Promote ($297 Value)
  • 6 Weeks of LIVE Weekly Implementation Coaching Calls ($997 Value)
  • BONUS: DOUBLE YOUR COACHING! Yes, Instead of 6 Weeks of Live Weekly coaching calls, join now and Dean will double it to 12 weeks!1 ($997 Value)
  • BONUS: 2 Secret Unannounced Bonuses await You In the Members Area ($297 Value)


How do I join?Click HERE  to see an informative video from Dean Holland.  Below the video (after information is provided)  is a link to the order page.

How much does it cost? – The whole package, as described above is just $199 which is a business expense.

Should I buy? Only you can answer that.  What are your circumstances? What do you really want for your future?  If you want expert help to create your online affiliate marketing  business then it would make absolute sense.

Is there a guarantee? Of course, full details when you click through

Is there an Upsell? No!  Everything is included. (I ought to be amazed by that, but Dean Holland always over delivers on his products)

I’m Undecided:  Think about what you really want for your future. Do you want the training, tools – and more importantly  the live support – to enable you to create your own online business? If so it is a no brainer.