This is something I have been so guilty of in the past. And probably most people who start an online business fall into this trap.  It’s so easy to believe that because you are being busy in your business – online all the time – doing lots of things – that you are indeed working on growing your business and getting income.

But are you? If you are concentrating on the wrong things – perhaps doing things you like to do or maybe going off on a tangent to research something like changing a theme, instead of doing the things that are actually going to improve your bottom line, then you will stay STUCK.

This short but important video from Dean Holland reminds you of the FOUR THINGS you need to concentrate on to grow your business.

When you watch it you might indeed say “Well that’s obvious” – but there are only 3% of people trying to have an online business who are actually succeeding. Do this and it will help you massively….