Dean Holland - The Iceberg Effect
Dean Holland - The Iceberg Effect
“The Iceberg Effect – The Untold Secret of Affiliate Marketing Success,” by Dean Holland, with foreword by Russell Brunson

What is the Iceberg Effect?

“The Iceberg Effect – The Untold Secret of Affiliate Marketing Success” is the new business book by Internet Marketer Dean Holland.

Untold riches can be made at affiliate internet marketing. Yet very few succeed, whilst most are left frustrated, overwhelmed and out of pocket.  Why? The Iceberg Effect uncovers the grim reality of affiliate marketing today and reveals what Dean Holland calls “the next generation of affiliate marketing.”

Based on his own huge success as an affiliate marketer, Dean outlines in The Iceberg Effect his secret for building a sustainable and highly profitable internet business as an affiliate marketer in today’s economy.  Armed with this newfound knowledge you will become an unstoppable force in creating your dream life as an affiliate online.

As Russell Brunson says on the book cover “I recommend you read this book thoroughly right away, more than once even,”

How do I get my copy?


How much does it cost?

Dean Holland is actually giving the book away for free, all Dean is asking for is a contribution of $7.96 towards shipping and handling.  This is a flat rate for world-wide distribution.  (If you are wondering why it is free, you will learn why in Chapter 10.)

Are there any Bonuses?

Absolutely.  Trust Dean to always over-deliver. You’ll get instant access to an MP3 (Audio) version of the book recorded by Dean Holland, exclusive links to several hours of valuable online presentations from Dean, plus great traffic training, plus an invite to an active Facebook group, and much more……

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